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All Hands on Deck at Jimmy's Roadhouse

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

This video is a story about Jim Cory, owner of Jimmy's Roadhouse in Newaygo, Michigan.

Jim has spent the last year defending his freedom to operate and serve his customers. He is among a few proud and bold business owners that have stood their ground and operated while under unnecessary and unconstitutional regulations.

Here is the direct Rumble video link:


The following is Jim's written declaration about his beliefs regarding our rights and the current situation we face in Michigan. He has circulated this document to thousands of customers and supporters since November 2020.

The very ideal of our country was formed pre 1776 Declaration of Independence with “Public Discourse”, the exchanging of ideas and beliefs in a public open forum, in rural Churches, Taverns, and Public/Common Houses. The very same institutions targeted from the beginning of these unfair lockdowns. The people’s voice has been targeted and silenced! Not to mention all the other Unalienable Rights that are being infringed on, practice of religious beliefs, right to assemble, to engage in commerce, to freely travel, and even the sanctity of our homes and personal bodies, with limits on who, how many, from where, and must wear masks IN OUR OWN HOMES!!! Where did our guaranteed right to FREE WILL go?!!

We are not in a Traditional Legal Battle, but a Constitutional Legal Battle that is about the very basic fundamentals of what our Republic is based on. This legal battle will not be won in the punitive administrative courts of the HD and LCC, but in the Circuit Courts and the Supreme Courts. Both businesses and individuals are being harmed and we must take the fight to all state agencies and the individuals that work for them who are enforcing these rules. There are many personal consequences for the actions they take in the execution of their sworn duties. Remember every government official works for YOU/US!!

Governor Whitmer claims that she is doing her best to save the lives of MI Residents by restricting/killing our industry. The restaurant industry has been linked in some way to 4.3% of the COVID deaths in our state. There has been approximately 9758 unfortunate deaths in our state attributed to COVID, that means the restaurant industry is responsible for approximately 420 losses. Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an Executive Order to place COVID patients in nursing homes and extended care facilities not once but twice she signed these disastrous and deadly orders. In August of this year it is a fact that 1/3 of the MI COVID related deaths were attributable to these 2 Executive Orders. My calculations are Governor Gretchen Whitmer is directly responsible for a minimum of 2750 Michigan resident deaths!! That is 655% higher or 2330 deaths more than her science and data shows for our Hospitality industry!! Her first EO directing COVID to limited care facilities is Manslaughter, the second Executive Order she signed was Pre-Meditated Murder!!! Remember SHE HAS ALL THE SCIENCE AND DATA THAT GUIDES HER DECISIONS!!! She must have KNOWN the toll on human life her actions would have, but willfully signed the death sentences of many Michigan residents.

Now let’s look at the orders, agencies involved, and their different approaches to enforcement. In my opinion, The Health Dept. is key and central since you need a food service license before you can get a liquor license. We also have MIOSIA and the Agriculture Dept. sending out warnings to restaurants, in 32 years of bar/restaurant ownership I’ve never had any interactions with these agencies but have received warning 2 letters from MIOSIA recently. The current order restricting dine in services, take out only, means no preparation or consumption of food/alcohol on the premise unless in an approved outdoor tent setting. This is administered and enforced differently by the HD & LCC. There are different and conflicting definitions and restrictions with each enforcement agency. The LCC defines your “premises” as the physical area that a licensee can serve alcohol for consumption, usual the confines of the building and service patios. The HD defines your “premises” as the entire property your location is setting on, parking lots, green areas, and sheds or your entire real estate. That means that even though a guest purchases food for takeout, in styrofoam containers, they cannot sit in their car in your parking lot and eat/consume their food. They must leave the property. You must eat McDonald’s food in a Burger King parking lot and vise versa in order to protect yourself and loved ones from spreading/contracting COVID. As the operator it is your responsibility to go out and make them leave your parking lot for everyone’s safety. None of the mentioned agencies have distributed the proper cohesive literature or operator training for the average operator to understand and comply. They’ve provide no training for conflict resolution for the mask and contact info requirements, people have been severely injured and even killed just for enforcing the mask mandate at the front door of their business. We have to be medical technicians also by taking temperatures and asking personal medical questions of our staff, then compile and keep the information secure. Are the HIPPA and ADA Act not recognized in Michigan anymore? The Health Dept is over stepping their authority and undercutting their service to the community.

In the past two weeks I have spoken directly with thousands of guests (of all ages) in Jimmy’s Roadhouse, all saying the same basic thing “Thank you for standing up! We drove from Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, Jackson, or both coasts just to have a NORMAL dining experience.” It has been the voice of the people that are giving me the strength to continue this fight and my dedication to my Jimmy’s Crew. Their rights and Free Will are being infringed also. The individual must decide to be a positive voice for the preservation of our Country.

The very future of our Republic is in the balance, if we don’t fight now then when? Will it be too late? Once you give up a freedom or right it is near impossible to get back.

Jimmy’s Roadhouse Is My Ship

If I follow the current Unconstitutional Regulations, I may as well untie my Ship from the dock, pull the drain plugs, and push it out to open water. Then stand and watch as it slowly sinks out of sight, with my brave Crew’s livelihoods.

I prefer to call out to my brave strong Crew

“All Hands On Deck!!!”

Tend to the Rails!! Cinch up the Sails!!

With a firm hand on the Tiller we will navigate these troubled waters together.

Each Captain must set their own course into the future.

Jim Cory

November 18, 2020

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